New "Sew Lacy" Double Layered Pillowcase Dress Pattern

Sizes 6 months - 14 Child
I have waited through several years of designing patterns to name and dedicate a pattern after my only daughter “Lacy”. This pattern depicts what a beautiful loving daughter that I have. She has helped me through every step of my pattern designing, web pages and photography. 

May I introduce you to “Sew Lacy” Double Pillowcase Dress.

“Sew Lacy” is a classy double layered pillowcase dress or jumper with option for beautiful lace insertion. Sizes 6 months to 14 child are included in the PDF pattern.  In some ways this double pillowcase dress is easier to make than a regular pillowcase dress. No fussy bias binding armhole facings to deal with and the hems can be sewn by machine and still look professional.

There are many options to mix and match to make this basic dress your own unique creation.
Flat lace insertion
Gathered lace insertion
Gathered ruffle fabric insertion
Double ribbon or fabric ties on shoulder
Single ribbon or fabric tie on shoulder
This versatile style can be worn alone or with a shirt underneath for cooler weather.
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Name That Hat!

This is a new hat pattern. The flower will be included with this hat and several more of my new crochet hat patterns. What is a good name for this hat? All my sewing patterns begin with the word "Sew" but this is crochet so I need a creative catchy name for this hat. Whoever suggest the name that I will eventually use will receive a free pattern of their choice.

I will not have this hat pattern ready right away. I am working on my "Sew Lacy" double pillowcase dress pattern this week. Look for it soon!

Teen Outfit for Easter - "Sew Classy" Skirt and Flower

Quick teen outfit for Easter. Pair with a colorful bought blouse and sweater for cool weather. You can make this skirt in the time it takes to get ready to go to the mall to hunt and hunt and only find expensive imported junk! Been there done that! Pattern is "Sew Classy" Skirt with Ribbon Flower .

Easter is for Boys Too!

One month to Easter Outfits for boys too! "Sew Handsome" Jon Jon at instand download $9.95