"Sew Dapper" Boy's Appliquéd Vest or Suspenders

"Sew Dapper"
Boy's Appliquéd Vest or Suspenders
With Assorted Ties
 Here is a new pattern just in time to create your
 little boy the cutest Easter outfit that he will love
 to wear and you will find so easy to make.   
Dad will not call it too sissy either!    

Vest with Bow Tie
Vest with Neck Tie
Vest with "Windy Tie"
Suspenders with "Windy Tie"

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 Summer Hats 

"Sew Modern" Bonnet

"Sew Modern" Heirloom Version Bonnet


"Sew Vintage" Bonnet
"Cloche" Crochet Hat With Ribbon Flower
"Sew Vintage" Bonnet Heirloom Version
"Roaring 20"s Crochet Hat and Fluffy Flower
"Granny" Crochet Hat with Fluffy Flower
"Flapper" Crochet Hat


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